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Tommy Vann is back and going full steam ahead.  We all remember him from the 60’s and 70’s when he was playing at all the hot spots of that time with “Tommy Vann & The Echoes”, “Tommy Vann & The Professionals” and “Tommy Vann & The Admirals”.  If you were fortunate enough to see and hear him then, you should see and hear him now. 
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They are HOT and they are Explosive…they are “Tommy Vann & The Boss Band”.  If you haven’t heard them perform at various clubs and lounges throughout Maryland recently, you are missing a truly exciting sound sensation.

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Tommy’s friends and fans have been buying up his first compilation CD of all the hits he made from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s titled “The Silver Sounds Of Tommy Vann”. This album was produced in 2007. Also in conjunction with the CD, Tommy Vann Productions is proud of the DVD, “The Life And Times Of Tommy Vann”.  A review of the personal and professional life of this incomparably talented man!  The DVD is a pictorial and biographical story through music, clippings, photographs and other media, which will show the viewer what it is like to sustain a successful career in the entertainment industry over the course of many years. In 2008, Tommy Vann Productions did a 1996 remake of “Captured By The Sound.” This album is a unique mixture of various styles of music that provides the listener with both soothing and upbeat music that Tommy has mastered to perfection. Now, in 2016, Tommy Vann Productions has produced their newest compilation of love songs entitled “Tommy Vann Sings The Voyage Songs of Love and Remembrance.” Tommy’s liner notes says it all,
“In his 77th year of his life, Tommy Vann sings some of the most beautiful and romantic songs of “Love And Remembrance”, ever compiled by any artist anywhere! His fantastic and expressive voice puts his emotions front and center of how he feels about dedicating this body of work to his wife Beryl, of fifty-four years. You can hear his sincerity in every note and word. The love is truly evident in each piece. The diversity and range of his vocal talents are amazing! Never have I enjoyed collaborating, producing and working with such a brilliantly talented artist as he. He has dedicated this entire production to his wife and partner in life, Beryl—his one and only true love of his life!”
His friend, Producer and Audio Technical Engineer
Jerry Knop

We are very excited about Tommy recently being inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame. He was selected individually for his impact on Maryland music, along with Tommy Vann & The Echoes, as well as, The Admirals.

The Staff at Tommy Vann Productions