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Hi Everybody!

I am really excited about the many projects we have been working on here at Tommy Vann Productions.  We are all very happy and satisfied with the 2007 production of “The Silver Sounds Of Tommy Vann,” and the DVD “The Life And Times Of Tommy Vann.” We competed the 1996 remake of “Captured By The Sound” in 2008. All three were produced by TV Productions partner Timeless Video Productions and All Star Entertainment. We think you will enjoy both CDs and the DVD. Now, in 2016, Tommy Vann Productions has produced a compilation of love songs entitled “Tommy Vann Sings The Voyage Songs of Love and Remembrance.”

I am also in the process of putting together my first “Doo-Wop” album which should be coming out soon.
We are very excited and ambitious with our projects here at TV Productions and are having a great time doing it.

I have joined up with the ‘Hot and Explosive’ Boss Company to form Tommy Vann & the Boss Band.  We have several performance dates  listed in the Upcoming Events page that you don’t want to miss.  We have been bringing in some of the best talents in the Maryland area from previous jam session and are looking at bringing back our jam sessions in the very near future. It’s been a blast and we are looking forward to doing this again real soon.

We had an exciting 2011 and 2012 at Tommy Vann Productions when we brought back the original Echoes and held our first and second reunion of the original Tommy Vann & The Echoes. Stay tuned for any future reunions.

We have been talking about our plans to record a Christmas album very soon! Well, very soon has finally come and the Christmas Album should be ready for sale by early fall. Any suggestions for your favorites, please let me know! So keep this site in your favorites and check it regularly because there is always something new and exciting happening at TV Productions.

Thanks to all!